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Questions that are Illegal for Interviewers to Ask You on an Interview

It is illegal for a future employer to ask you certain questions on an interview, and going in you should know what they are so that you are prepared and do not feel that you have to answer them.

  1. An Interviewer may not ask if you have a disability and you should not feel that you have to answer yes to this question. You do not have to reveal that you have a disability even if you are not asked.

  2. If you are hired with a disability under the American with Disabilities Act employees have the the right to certain accommodations, such as altered work scheduling, remote work arrangements and time off for treatment.

  3. You can not be asked about your age.

  4. Male or Female, you may not be asked if you have children, or plan on having children.

  5. Religious questions are off the table. No one has a right to ask you anything about your religious practices.

  6. Marriage - are you married or to whom, or anything that implies sexual or marital status is off limits.

  7. You may not be asked personal questions about your social life. Do you smoke, drink or how much? If they ask what you do for fun feel free to answer “ spend time with friends”.

  8. You may never be asked what country you are from.

  9. Do you live near by? The interviewer may be trying to guess your commute time. You may answer this in general terms. It is ok for them to ask if you would relocate, if that is pertinent to the job.

  10. If asked an illegal question try to divert to something more related to the job. If that doesn’t work, you may feel free to say “I don’t feel comfortable answering that question.” If they still press you, you may want to consider if this is really the place that you want to work.

Peg Wahrman