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Writing a Resume After Being a Stay at Home Parent

I meet with many clients who have taken time off from work to stay at home and raise their children. When they are ready to re-enter the work force how to write their resume? The questions come up.

  1. List the jobs that you had prior to taking the time off.

  2. Treat the time off as a position that you held, acknowledge the gap.

  3. Give titles and dates to all of your volunteer work, activities, accomplishments and board positions.

  4. Remember the rule about the Applicant Tracking System, even with time off, us some “key words” in your resume for each job that you apply to.

  5. Highlight transferable skills that you have gained while raising your kids..These could be skills that you learned as a parent, a coach, a volunteer that you can transfer to the workplace.

  6. Include continuing education even if it did not lead to a degree. It shows that you were keeping up with your field or trying something new.

  7. If you would like to start a different career path than you had been on, make sure that your “transferable skills” highight this.

  8. Remember, everything that you did as an activity can be meaningful and important - even if you did not get paid to do it.

Peg Wahrman