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When You are Crafting a Resume for a Career Change

Crafting a resume for a career change is slightly different than writing a regular resume.

  1. Your objective becomes that much more important and should be very clearly stated.

  2. Below the objective put a “skills summary” this way you can highlight the skills that make you right for your new job.

  3. Use job targeted titles whenever possible for past positions.

  4. Keep your new resume focused towards the new job whenever possible, when discussing performance highlights.

  5. Any continuing education or ceritifications that you have received that can help you in your new career should be listed.

  6. In your new objective show passion and interest even if you lack experience.

  7. Show transferable experience, even if you don’t have direct experience point out transferable experience on you resume.

  8. Give quality achievments that can be universal, time and money saved, quality improved, people trained.

  9. Always use action words to keep your resume lively and the reader interested.

Peg Wahrman