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Ways to Make Sure Your Resume Makes it Through the Applicant Traking System

The Applicant Tracking System is used by most large companies to sort through resumes before any human eyes get to see your resume. How do you beat this system and get to the next step so that someone in HR will get to read your resume?

  1. It is all about how your resume is written not just the information is conveys.

  2. You want to use words that match words that you see in the job description.

  3. Be careful about the font that you use. Don’t use Times New Roman or Cambria, use Calibri it gets by the system much easier.

  4. Make sure that some of the “keywords” that you use in your resume match those from the job descriptions and are exact.

  5. Bullet points should be round, not arrows or some other fancy shape.

  6. Save your resume as a word document not a PDF.

  7. Hopefully these tips will get you past the system and to an actual person who will read your resume. For this reason you also want to make your resume reader friendly. Make each point readable and interesting.

  8. Use “Bolding” and “Italics” to highlight important titles and sections. Use layout tricks to draw the readers eye in.

Peg Wahrman