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You've Lost Your Job - Now What?

3,500 Workers in the Philadelphia area will lose their jobs from Hahneman University Hospital and Philadelphia Energy Solutions’ Oil Refinery in the next few months. What do these and other laid off workers face and what strategies should they remember, to navigate this time in their career?

  1. Make sure that you understand all of your employee benefits. You are most likely entitled to COBRA continuing healthcare coverage, a severance package which may include accured vacation, sick leave, overtime and back pay. Your HR department should be able to help you navigate all of this.

  2. When do I get my last paycheck? You should receive your last paycheck by the regular pay date for the last period that you worked.

  3. Get a line of credit before you leave your job. This is just in case you need it, and can prevent you from dipping into retirement savings.

  4. Prioritize your bills. Pay only what is absolutely necessary until you know you are on secure footing.

  5. Make provisions to collect unemployment. You need to have been laid off through no fault of your own, and show that you are actively looking for a job in order to collect unemployment.

  6. Make extra money while looking for that right job. Work part-time, drive for a ride share service, look after pets, teach english on-line… If you are a member of a union be in touch with them for other suggestions.

  7. Ask your Boss for a recommendation. It is always good to do this before you leave and end on a positive note. Even if you are both getting laid off, if you have done a good job your Boss should be happy to do this for you.

  8. Get your resume in order. There are many resources to help you do this. Look on-line at websites, look up the many free clinics offered and career counselors available to help you with both your resume and Linkedin profile. Also, practice interviewing if you have not done it in awhile.

  9. Start Networking. 85% of jobs today are found through networking. For the medical personnel, Penn is expanding, adding 700 beds, and Jefferson and Temple have been urged by the city to hire those being laid off. Also, consider if relocation is an option. Attend job fairs, and look at the many job web-sites.

  10. Stay positive! Going through a lay off is a transition, and it can bring on feelings of depression and anxiety. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Turn to family, friends, clergy and mental health professionals. You will get through this. The most important aspect in finding a new job is taking care of yourself.

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Peg Wahrman