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How to Make an All Star LinkedIn Profile

1. Your profile is your resume online.

2.You will be easily found when someone searches for what you do if you use key words in your in your headline.

3. Your profile should intrigue people and make them want to connect and learn more about you.

4. Your LinkedIn profile should be client or potential employer based. It should speak directly to them attracting them to who you are and what you offer.

5.An excellent headshot is a must. Only you should be in the photo, professionally dressed.

6. You can enter your location and industry. This will also be helpful for potential employers doing searches.

7. Contact information - you can include your email, phone number, twitter and websites. Also include links so that people can link directly to your site.

8. Customize your URL - Instead of keeping the random string of letters that LinkedIn gives you change it to your name. This will make it easier for people to look you up.

9. Ask for recommendations from former employers, clients or professors, this looks great on your profile.

10.Don’t forget to post! An interesting article related to your industry, a blog always looks interesting.


Peg Wahrman