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Tips for Developing the Whole You

How to Feel Confident in an Interview

1.Be Memorable - Be traditional, but have something about you be unique. An experience, the you handled a project, or the way you view their company. By giving your own view point of how you view their company you will stand out.

2.Arrive Early - You want to have time to compose yourself, and freshen up. Be relaxed and confident when you walk into the room.

3. Research the company and the person that will be interviewing you - Google the company, look up the person on LinkedIn. The more you know the more interesting you questions will be and the more confident you will feel. 

4. Always give examples with your answers - don't just answer yes or no. Show your interviewer why you would be a good fit for the company. People remember stories better than facts.

5.Incorporate the company's culture and values into the interview - ask questions. Tell them how you would prioritize their culture.

6.Ask interesting questions - both during and to wrap up the interview. Take charge of the interview and show them that you can be a leader.


Peg Wahrman