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How to Write a Memorable Thank You Note

1. Send the email out immediately - the same day, you want them to remember you and see that you are very interested in the job.

2.If you interviewed with a number of people send an email to each person, and make the content slightly different. Include something unique from each conversation. Make sure you get each person’s business card at the end of the interview so that you have all contact information.

3. The Subject Line of your email should be “Thank you - and the name/title of the position.

4. Express your sincere appreciation for the meeting, make it clear how much you appreciate the opportunity to speak with them.

5. Draw attention to how you are a strong match for their company and the position. Reiterate some of the high points of why you are a good fit and be specific.

6.This is the time to provide any information that wasn’t discussed that you think could be helpful. If there was something that you wanted to add during the discussion but didn’t get a chance, bring it up now.

7. Conversely, if there was something that came up during the interview and you are afraid it may have been misinterpreted now is the time to clarify.

8.This is an excellent time to provide a link to your website, portfolio or any other online resources that are not listed on your resume.

9.Keep the letter to a few paragraphs, keep it brief and to the point.

10.Always end with another “thank you for your consideration” and Sincerely,


Peg Wahrman