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How to Use Social Media to Help Your Job Search

Although Social Media can be intimidating to use for some, when used correctly, you can use it to your advantage to help your job search.

  1. Enhance your LinkedIn profile. Upload files to your experience section. Add powerpoint and video to show what you have done and make your page more interesting.

  2. Complete your facebook profile. Show your work history, skills, and any other details that you may attract recruiters. Market yourself.

  3. Take advantage of Twitter. Start chatting. By getting in on the right chat you can build your network and attract people to your brand and connect to those who might be interested in you.

  4. Live stream events can be helpful too. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram all have them. They all offer chatting so that you can interact with people. Those chatting with you can ask questions.

  5. Share photos and thoughts on Instagram. Keep it professional. Keep it separate from your personal account. You can also tag other companies that you want to have in your posts. You can share photos of your speaking engagements or of you engaging with your clients.

  6. Snapchat - tell your story. People think it automatically disappears, but some images can last up to 24 hours. As a job seeker you can use it to talk about your qualifications.

  7. Ultimately, tailor your message to your ideal employer no matter what type of media you use.

  8. Don’t be intimidated, take it slow. At the very least, make sure that your LinkedIn profile has great headline and summary. That your Facebook page looks professional. Then slowly branch out into other media areas.

Peg Wahrman