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How to Account for Employment Gaps in Your Resume

You are not alone if you have gaps in your employment history. Many people take off time for childcare, health issues, education or caring for a loved one. How you chose to account for these gaps on your resume can affect what a future employer thinks of the time off from the workforce.

  1. You don’t need to mention it. Entry level roles, for example do not need to be included; so if the gap was at the begininning of your career just skip it.

  2. It is very important not to lie on your resume to cover up a gap. Lies are usually discovered and this will automatically disqualify you.

  3. You don’t need to list “months” if this helps - only years.

  4. Definitely start your resume with a strong objective or summary. You can even use a “highlihgts” section. This can draw attention away from any date issues.

  5. List the dates in plain font (or smaller font) than other parts of your resume, this draws the eye to other items.

  6. Only go back 15 years or so, especially if this helps eliminate the gap from your resume.

  7. Include experiences that you did during the gap. These can include, volunteer work, education, research and freelance. All of these are important things to have on your resume.

  8. In an interview, don’t feel defensive, explain why you chose to take time off and what you did during that time.

Peg Wahrman