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How Resilience Can Help at Work (and Life)

Resilience has long been thought to be something that you are born with, but many psychologists now feel that it can be developed and that it can help you in many aspects of your life.

  1. Resilience can help you at work in many ways that both your co-workers and supervisors will notice.

  2. If you can be resilient you will be able to show those that you work with that you are a survivor no matter what comes your way.

  3. Resilience shows your co-workers that you can “bounce-back” and take criticism constructively. This makes you easier to work with.

  4. If you can build resilience you will feel that you have more control over your own career and path.

  5. If you feel as though you can “roll with the punches” you will be willing to take more risks at work. This will lead to the possiblility of more success.

  6. Being resilient makes you more flexible, so that you are more open to hearing the ideas of those that you work with. This can help make you a good leader.

  7. Resilience comes easily to some and harder for others, but most can achieve it on some level, and reap the benefits.

  8. Because resilience may allow you to move between different roles, it may even lead you to your dream job, or a whole new career!

Peg Wahrman