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Tips for Developing the Whole You

Working in the Multi-Generational Workforce

1.The Builder Generation - Grew up during the great depression and WWII. Frugal, they know how to save money and resources. (1929-1945)

2. Baby Boomers- The largest generation so far. They feel like life should be better for them then it was for their parents. (1946-1964)

3. Generation X - This smaller generation grew up within the jaded world of Vietnam and Watergate. They know life can be hard and want to keep it real. (1965-1979)

4. Millennials/Generation Y- Currently the largest generation, they grew up with helicopter parents, particiaption trophies, college degrees and options. They see life as options that they can choose. (1980-1994)

5. Generation Z- This population has grown up with terriorism, recession, under-employment and racial unrest. They navigate social media and angst. (1995-2012)

6. Communication- Interact with different ages in the way they want to be communiacted with. Is it phone, email or text.

7. Work differently- Be open to different ways of working. Different generations approach work differently. Some like to make it fun, some need to work in a straight line.

8.Millenials and GenZ like collaborating and mobilizing others to take a stand and suport their beliefs. They want you to get involved.

9. Different generations vary in their ideas of advancement - know who your supervisor is and their thoughts on this.

10. Each generation may be different but they are similar in that they have a need for communiation and feedback; and a desire to be included and heard. So remember whether it is your co-worker, subordinate, or supervisor to find a way to connect.

Peg Wahrman