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Job Search True Questions......True or False


1. Avoid direct eye contact with the interviewer since it may make them uncomfortable?

2.When asked about your background or "tell me about yourself" spend two minuets or so unless questioned further.

3. If asked if you have any weaknesses you should never give any. 

4. An interviewer expects you to be well - informed about their company.

5. The most productive method to obtain a job is through online postings.

6. Everyone has to have a one page resume.

7. Your cover letter should be a brief one paragraph letter.


1. False - Maintaining eye contact shows that you are interested and that you have strong communication skills.

2.True - Spend about two minuets and incorporate key discussion topics including, your background, work experience, strengths and abilities. 

3. False - Give one weakness, but follow up with a positive action plan for improvement.

4. True - Research is a critical component to any interview.

5. False - Networking is the best way to make career contacts. 70-80% of your career success is a result of your ability to build and use your network contacts. 

6. False- The length of your resume depends on your experience. A recent college graduate ( or someone with 5 years experience or less) will have a one page resume, a more seasoned employee's resume will be two pages.

7. False - Your cover letter should highlight your resume and skills, present specific motives for your interview. It should have an introductory paragraph, and paragraph describing you skills and a concluding paragraph.

Peg Wahrman