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Tips for Developing the Whole You

Characteristics Employers Like to See in Prospective Employees

  1. The ability to handle stress: The interviewer may throw you a curveball. If this happens, take a deep breath, think to yourself, and handle it. The worst thing that you can do is panic. Even if your answer isn’t spot on, as long as you come up with a coherent answer that you can back up, you are halfway there.
  2. Assertiveness: Take control of the room. You want to make sure that the interviewer knows that you want the job.
  3. Communication Skills: Be concise, articulate, knowledgeable and confident.
  4. Flexibility: Let the interviewer know that you will work well with others. Even though your ideas are great, if someone’s ideas are better, you may have to let yours go.
  5. Initiative: Explain that you are willing to take the lead when necessary. If the project is not going well, you will step up and and take the reins.
  6. Intelligence: Tell the interviewer that you have the ability to come up with the “great idea" that can set things in motion.
  7. Leadership: Mention that you can handle leading the group forward towards completion on any project.
  8. Motivation: Employers like to see that you are motivated to do their job! You can do this by being as informed about their company as possible: are they in the news? How are they doing? Also, know about the person you are interviewing with: how long have they been with the company? What do they like about company? Do they feel challenged?
  9. Display your organization skills: Get across how organized you were in your last job and in your personal life. Any organizational skills are pertinent.
  10. Exude Self-Confidence: Show this in any way that you can. Don’t talk quietly or look down, don’t talk too fast, look the interviewer in the eye. This is true wherever you are: The Main Line, Philadelphia or elsewhere! 

In closing: take a deep breath before you walk into the room, put your arms by your sides, take one more deep breath, put on a smile and walk in. You own that room! You have practiced and you are ready!

Peg Wahrman