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Tips for Developing the Whole You

10 Things To Add and 10 Things to Remove From Your Resume


1. Your LinkedIn address

2. Relevant Brand - the job title yours at the top of your resume, the job title for the poison you want or are pursuing

3. Powerful Summary/Objective

4. The word "I"

5. Full Sentences

6. Explanation for job change

7. Framing statement for each employer

8. Framing statement for each position

9. Your best accomplishments

10. Quantitative Statements - how much did you improve sales?


1. Your street address

2. Cute email address

3. Months you started and stopped jobs - just use years

4. Company's own branding

5. Boring duties

6. Praising adjectives

7. Endless bullets - 4 or 5 should do

8. Old irrelevant jobs

9. Generic Summary  - make it be about you

10. Your high school - unless you are in high school

Peg Wahrman